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We are extremely pleased to announce that The Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter will be exclusively working with Charteris Global Search!

Adrianne is a global expert in Faces, Emotions and Behaviour and will be assisting us with our senior retained/exclusive final stage interviews.

She was worked with many global organisations including:

Assisting us with our Senior retained/exclusive final stage interviews, her methods are extremely powerful, when it comes to the face, emotion and the subconscious portrayal of expressions. The human face is a medium that sends us a message. Changes to the human face provide us with information about the person’s mood or intentions. Instrumental in developing cutting edge research methodologies to get to the heart of people and their behaviour.

As a unique service, we are now able to analyse video interviews of candidates at final stages. Candidates will be asked a number of agreed questions, which Adrianne will then analyse using her Facial Action Coding System.

Based on Adrianne’s analysis, we will be able to advise our clients areas to probe, question and expand on in final face to face meetings.

Contact the team if you would like to know more:


📞01530 653365

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