Female Engineering Division

FED is a niche division at Charteris Global Search and is intended to act as a specialist division for women looking for a new career or who would like to improve their career prospects, no matter what sector you work in.

There once was a time when “the best careers for women” were 100 miles apart from “the best for men”. It’s now 2018 and that’s history, times have changed! The modern woman has twice as many choices: FED is here to help you get the career you deserve!

FED is dedicated to fostering the ideals of professionalism, integrity, ethics, inclusion and diversity in the marketplace and the workplace. FED is passionate about the growth and development of the next generation of female leaders, executives, and the many career professionals needed to sustain a stimulating, vibrant, competitive, growing and diverse business.



At FED our dedicated consultants can offer you career tips, salary negotiation skills, job vacancies, interview methods and more, all helping you feel confident, positive and assured!


A growing focus on female talent

As part of our continued commitment to work with our clients, to help manage the gender diversity gap, we have set up a Female Engineering Division (FED) to ensure more females are being considered not only for positions in engineering but also senior positions across other sectors. We aim to help them obtain the career they deserve

At Charteris we recently read PWC’s research, “Winning the fight for female talent”. One of the most striking findings is that growing numbers of women still feel employers are biased in favour of male candidates when attracting talent and that women were underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline.

On a positive note It also stated that today, more and more CEOs are focusing on talent diversity and inclusion to help drive innovation in their organisations and create competitive advantage.

To help our clients conform with diversity challenges we have launched our Female Engineering Division (FED), to assist clients with Gender Diversity which remains an issue in Engineering organisations.

FED will attract females across all levels of engineering and Charteris will work with them to find positions within companies who really appreciate having a woman on their team to increase innovation and enable them to create a more competitive edge.

We know we can help you create a dynamic and diverse workforce, attractive to both female and male engineers, let us be your go to partner to manage gender diversity.

FED welcomes all professionals regardless of gender, race, creed, colour, culture, ethnicity, age, national origin, orientation, military service, background or experiences

Ladies get in touch with us today if you are looking for a career move….


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